Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas 2009

All of the Kids


Brandon & Christin

Erin & Greg

The Family

The Three Kids

Christmas festivities always start with getting a two-week vacation from work, which allows me to watch just about every cheesy Christmas movie ever made. I just can't help myself. I now know of a couple that I will never need to watch again. The best part this year was getting to spend a lot of time with all of the kids, although they all had other houses to go to for dinner on Christmas and we didn't get to share that with them. We had a small, quiet dinner with my Mom and Dad, Thad's Mom and Dad, and Thad's Aunt Orie. Erin and Greg came home from Provo and Greg was big help in getting our new computers set up. I now have a good camera, so I'll be able to post actual pictures on here. I just have to remember to take them now. We did get family portraits taken while everyone was here, so I am posting those. Happy New Year to everyone. I, for one, have a positive feeling about 2010. Wishing you all much happiness.